Phish Concert @ Madison Square Garden

New Years Eve 2017. A surprise performance for Phish fans.

Directed by: David Gallo (

Line Produced by: Viveca Gardiner

Choreographed by: Kuperman Brothers ( with Associate Choreographer Melanie Comeau

Performed by: Alonso Guzman, Andrea Murillo, Ashley Robicheaux, Daniel Ching, Ernesto Breton, Hailey Stockbrugger, Kristen Carcone, Kyle Driggs, Lynda Senisi, Maleek Washington, Marc Cardarelli, Mary Kate Hartung, Matthew Ortner, Melanie Comeau, Suzie Rzecznik, Tyler Phillips, and Tré Smith

Shot and edited by: Jeff and Rick Kuperman (with additional footage by LivePhish)