Dinner is Served

Set at dinner party in the 1920s, this dance-theatre piece is commentary on societal programming and behavior.


Concept & Choreography by Kristen Carcone


Kiya Schnorr, Michael-Anthony Souza, Chris Baptista, Andrea Murillo, Maddy Wright, Melanie Comeau, Holly Heiser, Kim Ross, Christine Flores, Maleek Washington, Kendell "History" Hinds

Directed & Edited by Roger Galvez

Cinematography by Roger Galvez & Jesse Hunt

Featuring "To The Top" by Too Many Zooz

Continuity Advisor: Andrea Roberts

Costume and Set Coordination: Ross Wirtanen, Daniela Medina, Erika Carcone and Chris Baptista

Special thanks to Leeming Danceworks for being my original collaborators